Monday, November 11, 2013

Perfect Gift for the Holidays: Chef Verati My Ideal Recipes Cookbook!

Anyone on the Ideal Protein diet would love to have this book so they can prepare delicious foods that they can enjoy!  I would be more than happy to ship the hardback cookbook (with over 250 phase 1 and 2 recipes) to you!  $34.95 - shipping included! (priced for shipping within the United States only - will calculate price for international shipping)

Please click the "Buy Now" button next to the cookbook to securely pay with PayPal.  We will ship the book ASAP once we receive payment.



  1. how many portions are your recipe's for in your cook book example how many servings 1 person 2 etc

  2. Good question- I also would like to know how many servings are in each recipe or a round about 1 or 2 people, etc. Also, for the Curry Pot recipe on page 102, how much chicken is needed, the recipe doesn't say, unless I missed it. Thanks!!

  3. Do you have a money back guarantee,and if so,how many days is it good for?