Tuesday, July 26, 2011

30 Pounds Lost!

We made it to 17 active dieters today who have lost over 30 pounds! Congrats on all your success and keep it up!  Goal is to get to 30 over 30 by the end of the summer...


  1. Just a quick note- I have lost 38 lbs on Ideal Protein with 32 more to go till my goal. There are days when I really need to concentrate on what I am doing but over all it is not that hard.

    Good luck to everyone-

  2. Awesome job! Keep it up, I'm sure you will reach your goal if you stick to it :)

  3. Lost 60 pounds so far, only a few more to go. Some days it was difficult, but you are right, Di, seems like one has to focus on the plan and stay positive. At my age, I never thought I would ever get to be a 'normal' weight again! WooHoo!